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Thursday Tips and Tricks for Anxiety

Anxiety is a typical reaction to stress. For some kids (and adults too!) it can be excessive and keep them from realizing their full potential. Acupressure is an [...]

Thursday Tips and Tricks Eye Strain

Tired eyes can make doing homework challenging. Watch Beth demo how to relieve eye strain. Have your kids follow along, or touch the acupressure points for them. [...]

Tapping Away Fear

Fear is an emotional response to a threat. That threat can be real or perceived. For a child fear could be the result of trying new things, meeting [...]

Thursday Tips and Tricks

If your or your children ever have trouble falling asleep, you won't want to miss this week's video! It's as simple as cueing your neurovascular system to calm [...]

Thursday Tips and Tricks

Acupressure or tapping on meridians that run through the arms can help clear lung and sinus congestion. Watch Beth as she demonstrates how to open the energy channels [...]

Thursday Tips and Tricks

Did you know that massaging, pulling or tugging on your ear could help you relax? Well, it can! And, it’s a great tool for both kids and adults. [...]