Thursday Tips and Tricks: Playbook for Tackling Stress

//Thursday Tips and Tricks: Playbook for Tackling Stress

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Playbook for Tackling Stress

Every successful sports team has a strategy for the win. In football, the playbook is a collection of approaches designed to move the ball down field. Teams practice plays over and over, until every team member knows their role and responsibility in moving toward their goal. By game day, they’re ready mentally and physically to meet the opposing team with skills and confidence.

Preparing to handle stress is a bit like preparing for a football game. To take on the challenge, you need to be physically and mentally ready with a playbook of strategies to stop the stress response, and succeed in moving toward your goals.

Stress reduction strategies include mindfulness and simple meditation practices, breathing techniques, easy acupressure tools, and a host of other self-care habits that help put the brakes on negative responses and restore the body and mind to a calm state. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 50% of chronic mental illnesses begin by age 14, and 75% begin by age 24, so it is vital to teach healthy coping skills early.

Fumbles happen. Prepare your family to recover quickly, with the Simply Successful playbook of stress reduction strategies. You can find free stress reduction tools for every age on our website at   Need some help formulating your personal playbook? Contact us today at (616) 528-0366 for a free phone consultation.

Deb Timmerman is a Registered Nurse, Healing Touch Practitioner and stress management expert. She is passionate about sharing the neuroscience of stress and stress survival skills with kids, teens and adults.
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