The Faces of ACES

//The Faces of ACES

The Faces of ACES

Simply Successful Kids coordinated bringing the documentary Resilience the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope to our community this week. We are grateful for the support of our community partners. Celebration Cinema, Woman’s Life Chapters 839 and 881 and Family Futures, a local non-profit serving children and families in very early childhood, worked together to continue crucial conversations around toxic stress in childhood and the lasting effects it has on the physical and emotional health of our community.

Following the film, several people shared their ACE score with me and Beth. The highest score shared with us was a 9 (A score of 4 or more is significant).  It is hard to fathom any child could endure that much toxic stress and trauma and grow up to be a happy, healthy, successful adult. Hearing how caring, loving, adoptive parents helped change the course of life for this individual, made me realize just how many people in my circle and community have overcome rocky beginnings.

There is such power and healing in sharing our stories. So watch for our upcoming series: The Faces of Aces, stories of those who have endured and succeeded beginning January, 2018.

About the Author: Deb Timmerman is a Registered Nurse and Healing Touch Practitioner. She holds Diplomat status through the American Institute of Stress, and is the co-creator of the Simply Successful Kids Program.

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