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SSKROCKS! is public Facebook Group sponsored and organized by the Simply Successful Kids Program. Our purpose is to provide a family friendly activity to reduce stress and strengthen family relationships by rock hunting in the great outdoors, spending time together in creative expression, and providing a vehicle to start important family discussions.

We have created a line of painted rocks that include, but are not limited to, captivating characters like Alice the Angry Alligator, Bella the Bored Butterfly, Butch the Bullying Bulldog, Sammy the Sad Snake, and Fiona the Fearful Fish. These characters are meant to give parents a vehicle to start talking to their kids about understanding and processing their emotions.

Each character’s story is related to an emotion that kids may experience and easily identify with. Every story ends with discussion questions to help start crucial conversations about emotions. You can find the stories in our blog posts. These stories can be found in the SSKROCKS! catagory.

Here’s how the Facebook Group works: Follow the SSKROCKS! FB group page for photos and location clues, then grab the family and go rock hunting in West Michigan parks and greenspaces. When you locate our painted rocks or creatures, take a photo and post it to the group Facebook page, SSKROCKS!

When you find an SSKROCK!, you can:

  • Take your rock treasure home
  • Re-hide it and update clues to the group
  • Exchange it for a rock you or your child have painted.

Be sure to tag the back of your rock with a Facebook logo (square or circle with and F) and SSKROCKS! so people have a way to update the Facebook group page.  You could also use #SSKROCKS!

Painted rocks can be created following these simple steps and using a little imagination: First, wash and thoroughly dry your rock. You can use paints, markers, Sharpies, etc. Let dry. Seal with Mod Podge, Patio Paint clear coat, or Krylon clear matte or gloss to protect them from the elements.

Here are the FB Group rules: Rocks must be placed on public property. Placement must respect the environment and surroundings. If you place a rock at a business, please get permission from the establishment. Please keep your group posts and creative contributions family-friendly. Rock art expresses the views of the artist, not the views of the Simply Successful Kids Program, but please keep it clean.

Credits: There are several rock groups around the world that inspired our version. Thanks to WA Rocks, Palmy Rocks and Kennewick and Sumner WA Rocks.

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