SSKROCKS! Digger the Doubtful Dog

//SSKROCKS! Digger the Doubtful Dog

SSKROCKS! Digger the Doubtful Dog

Digger the Doubtful Dog


Digger the doubtful dog was a charming little mutt. His brown coat was shiny, and he had big, black eyes that always looked a little sad.

Digging dirt was Digger’s favorite thing to do. He just loved to dig big holes in his back yard! Digger’s dad, Duncan, always told him what a great job he did digging holes, but Digger wasn’t very confident and thought his dad was just saying he was a good digger, because that was his dad’s job.

Digger and his dad lived with a little boy named Davis. Davis took Digger and Douglas to the Diggety Diggin’ Dog Park. Digger was kind of excited about going to the park to explore new places.

Digger was having fun sniffing the trees, and picking up the scents of other dog park visitors. There was a place to play fetch, walking trails and even a fenced area for digging! Digger noticed the digging area was filled with expert diggers. He got SO excited as he watched the crew of excavators…butts up in the air, dirt flying fast and furiously! Oh Boy, Digger thought!

Digging dirt was his absolute favorite thing to do! He decided he wanted to join the fun, but he hesitated… as excited as he was, doubtful thoughts began to fill his little head. I’m too little to dig with those dogs. They’re so much better than I am! I couldn’t possibly do as good a job as they can. They’re going to laugh at me!

Digger sometimes felt doubtful about his diggings abilities when he was doing something for the first time or when he was around other dogs he didn’t know. He really wanted to try new things and meet new friends, but every time he got the opportunity, he got butterflies in his tummy and began thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Digger was paralyzed with fear and he couldn’t seem to put one paw in front of the other to join the digging frenzy.  He tried to remember the tricks he had learned to stop the Doubtful Icky’s and suddenly remembered that he was just supposed to breathe!

Ok, Digger thought, I can do that!

Digger began to take slow deep breaths. He took a deep breath in through his nose and filled his belly up like a balloon. Then, he blew that breath out of his mouth and let his belly balloon deflate. After a few big belly breaths, Digger felt more in control and his doubtful thoughts seemed to vanish.

Digger remembered how good it felt to get his paws into the dirt and his heart felt happy. He recalled his dad words, “Digger! You’re the fastest digging dog in Douglasville! I’m so proud of you!

Digger decided he couldn’t wait to join the others and dove right in. When he left the Diggety Diggin’ Dog Park, he was super tired, but he felt happy and confident. He even made a new friend named Drexel and he couldn’t wait until the next time.

Discussion questions:

Do you ever have doubts like Digger does?

When you have doubts, where do you feel them in your body?

What makes you feel doubtful?

What could you do to stop doubting yourself?

Could you take a few deep breaths like Digger did?

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