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Our e-course format introduces kids to a variety of holistic strategies and concepts that help develop a plan to cope with stress, regulate emotions and gain clarity and focus.

Our e-course format introduces kids to a variety of holistic strategies and concepts that help develop a plan to cope with stress, regulate emotions and gain clarity and focus.

Each Sunday, students will receive a learning module presented in a kid-friendly easy to understand format, along with a workbook-journal that pertains to that week’s topic. Kids are taught a series of exercises to strengthen the brain and help control the stress response. The exercises are embedded in the learning module and are also available on in the private area of our website for use throughout the week. This format works best when parents are involved and participate with their kids. However, some kids in our pilot program managed on their own and parents still felt the program was very beneficial.

Purchase of the e-course program allows access to our course materials for one year from the date of purchase, and includes all program updates and bonus support videos. Parents are invited to join our private Facebook group, so they can share, ask questions and receive support.

Session 1: Your Body’s Energy System

  1. Kids discover how the stress response affects their whole body, including their emotions, and stops their ability to learn, problem solve, and stay calm.
  2. Kids learn how all the different systems of their body communicate and are introduced to the body’s energy system.

Session 2: All About Your Brain

  1. Kids learn how positive and negative stress affect their brain
  2. Kids learn about the parts of the brain involved in the stress response
  3. Kids learn how stress chemicals can impair their ability to learn and problem solve
  4. Kids understand how to listen for body clues about stress
  5. Kids learn how to stop the stress response and stay focused using program tools

Session 3: Emotions

  1. Kids learn about their emotions
  2. Kids gain an understanding of what happens in their brain when they feel positive or negative emotions
  3. Kids learn how their emotions can become overwhelming and make them want to act out
  4. Kids learn healthy coping strategies to process their emotions and exercises to help them feel in control, calm and focused

Session 4: Mindfulness and Meditation

  1. Kids learn about mindfulness and meditation
  2. Kids learn how these tools can make the brain stronger
  3. Kids learn how mindfulness and meditation can help control emotions and stress
  4. Kids learn how the mind-body connection can help them overcome negative thinking and create new neural pathways in their brain

Session 5: Loving Self and Others

  1. Kids learn about the power of loving self and others
  2. Kids learn what self-esteem is and how it develops
  3. Kids learn how negative self-esteem creates playground bullies
  4. Kids learn how negative self-talk affects their brain what it does to their body
  5. Kids learn how negative thinking and beliefs lead to negative outcomes
  6. Kids learn how to use affirmations and create a positive mindset

Session 6: Preparing for Success

  1. Kids get a review of all program tools and concepts
  2. Kids learn to keep their skills sharp using our SIMPLE plan
  3. Kids create their personal stress management plan from the list of program tools and techniques
  4. Kids learn the importance of planning for success
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