Humans are only meant to be under stress for short periods of time and in real emergencies. Stress hormones give us the energy needed to fight off the tiger, flee the burning building, or freeze to protect ourselves. Think of the Stress Response as our built in survival mechanism.

Unfortunately in today’s fast-paced world, everything is an emergency! We’re competing for the best jobs, juggling responsibilities, work and family demands, relationships and more. Our children are competing to get into the best schools, taking standardized tests, dealing with social media, and our keep up with the Jones culture.

The brain is an amazing, complex computer and it can do a lot of really sophisticated things, but it can not tell the difference between a real emergency and a perceived threat like the huge electric bill in the mailbox, a fight with a loved one, a playground bully, or a nasty social media post.

The Simply Successful Program is the first program to teach kids, teens, (and adults too!) about stress, using simple concepts & graphics.  The program is filled with tools, strategies and resources to get stress under control and help individuals of all ages feel confident, calm, and in control of emotions and their behavior.

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