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Now That I Know

As parents, grandparents, teachers — basically anyone who wants the best for the children in our lives — we try to learn as much as possible about what makes kids happy, healthy and successful. And we’ve learned a lot!

We’ve known for a long time that what happens in childhood affects who we are and how we think as adults. We’re still learning about how adverse childhood experiences can affect brain development and physical health as well. We also know that the degree to which past experiences affect our success later in life depends a great deal on how much resilience we’re able to develop along the way. So now that we know, what do we do?

We focus on success!

I’ve been on a personal quest for the past thirty years (at least) to work through how to deal with self-doubt, self-dissatisfaction, addictive behaviors — generally life as I knew it. This quest started with the “self-help” section of almost every book store in the city (remember, this was pre-internet!). Most of those resources were geared toward the mind — Think-positive-thoughts-as-you-gratefully-stop-to-smell-the-flowers kinds of books. Then I delved into the medical realm and (in my usual “go big or go home” mode) I became an R.N. At the time I started my nurses training, “treating the whole person” models of care were starting to become part of the curriculum. Seeds were planted, and I was intrigued, by my real learning about treating the whole person started when I began to study Healing Touch.

Long story not so short, what I learned is that, as sure as we all have destructive forces (though to a greater or lesser extent) in our lives, we also ALL have the power to overcome or at least mitigate those forces. And what I know for sure is that every person has the potential to be successful given the right tools.

So what I’m doing, now that I know, is channeling all my education, understanding, skills and energies into sharing the tools that helped me, through the Simply Successful Program.

Though the first program presentation is geared toward kids (because I believe these tools would have been life changing for me learned earlier), every component in it teaches all age groups how to connect with their bodies in the moment of stress/anxiety/fear/self-doubt/panic, and listen to how those emotions feel. Once they understand to acknowledge body messages, they learn how to choose and use the tools that will alleviate or eliminate stress responses in the moment, and reshape coping mechanisms for the long haul.

In a nut shell, we teach evidence-based, science-backed strategies like:

  • Breathwork: breathing techniques can turn a melt-down into a calm-down

  • Meditation: It not only reduces stress, it makes the brain stronger and builds resilience

  • Mindfulness: Help build an ability to stay in the moment, helps awareness and well-being

  • Tapping techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique uses specific points on the body to shift brain patterns and stop the stress response

  • Energy exercises: Move energy along the body’s energy pathways to help body systems communicate and work better together

  • Journal writing: helps recognize emotions and to identify coping patterns

I know circumstances and childhood traumas do not have to define who you are or who you become. I’m living proof! Now, I pay it forward by sharing my toolbox to help kids deal with stressors and become successful adults.




About the Author: Deb Timmerman, RN is the Co-creator of Simply Successful Kids.  Click here to read her bio.

Beth Tuttle, EFT, Co-Creator Simply Successful Kids is leading a 3rd grade class in energy exercises and teaching a 5th grade student how to use tapping.

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