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Simply Successful Kids is a self-regulation and stress management program… Just for kids!

If wanting your child to grow up happy, healthy and successful is one of your non-negotiables, watching them struggle can be disheartening. Trying to help them keep it together at home or in school can feel overwhelming!

What if you could help them take control and learn to navigate life from a positive space with a toolbox of strategies to help them remain calm and in control? You can, with Simply Successful Kids!

Students learn what stress is and how it affects their brain and body. They learn to be mindful of stress triggers and acquire a toolbox of strategies to help them turn off the stress response. Stopping the stress response notifies the brain to stop the flow of stress hormones and allows your child to gain control and feel calm.

Available in Workshops, Online and Schools




“This class was fantastic for my 11-year-old daughter! She learned from this class that stress was the root cause of all this. She learned the triggers of stress, how to feel it coming on and how to deal with it. Now she is much happier and school is going much better. She now has the tools she needs to work through her stress and get motivated again.

Jennifer VanWhye, Dorr, MI

“I am so glad that I enrolled my 9-year-old in the Simply Successful Kids small group! He looked forward to going every week and doing the journaling on a daily basis. It was exciting to see him develop skills that he could use on his own to deal with stress and frustration. I would recommend Simply Successful Kids to any parent!”

Rivka Kawano, West Olive, MI