Connecting to the Earth is Healing!

//Connecting to the Earth is Healing!

Connecting to the Earth is Healing!

My grandson Jade absolutely loves to be barefoot! For him, the ground temperature does not seem to matter much. I like to think Jade is just following his instinct and knows it’s good for him.

Most kids and (and a lot of adults) love the refreshing feeling of walking on cool grass and feeling the warmth of pavement as it penetrates to the bone. It’s fun, but it’s also a primal way of tapping into the healing power of the earth!

According to one study, published on the National Institute of Health website, there are many benefits of connecting to the Earth. Here are three:

  1. Making skin-to-earth contact stabilizes our bodies and helps balance our cells — the “building blocks of life” that refuel and renew all the pieces and parts of our bodies. We need them working at maximum capacity!

  2. “Earthing” or “grounding” helps drop night-time Cortisol so we get a sounder, more rejuvenating sleep that helps reset body rhythm levels to keep us active and productive all day.

  3. Plugging-in to the earth also improves our immune response and helps stop inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been linked to a host of diseases including cancer,  and Alzheimer’s Disease 

A warm Spring day is a perfect time to be like Jade and reconnect to Mother Earth to absorb all her healing benefits!

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