SSKROCKS! Penelope the Pumpkin Panics

Penelope the Pumpkin began to panic every time she thought about Halloween night. Her pumpkin skin was usually the color of a pretty copper penny, but when she started to panic, she got sweaty, and her cheeks started to turn red. Sometimes, she would start shaking. Halloween was only a few weeks away [...]

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SSKROCKS! Meet the Chippies

Chirp, Chatter and Chase Chippy live with their mother, Charlotte in a small burrow near the edge of the cliff by the Escanaba River. The river flows thorough the small town of Gwinn, Michigan. Chirp is the baby of the family. She is watched over and protected by everyone in the burrow.  When [...]

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SSKROCKS! Oliver the Wise Owl

“Oliver, how did you get be so wise?” Hilda the Happy Hippo asked. “I learn like most people do,” Oliver said, “from school, our teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends. I also learn from the mistakes I make and the things I’m not so successful at.” “Can you give me an example, Oliver?” Said [...]

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SSKROCKS! – Alice the Angry Alligator

Alice the Angry Alligator Alice the Angry Alligator was ready to clamp her powerful jaws on Fiona the Fish. She was SO mad! Fiona promised she would stop talking and swimming circles around Alice. It really irritated her that Fiona wouldn’t stop! Fiona wanted to be Alice’s friend, but in Alice’s mind, she was [...]

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SSKROCKS! Fiona the Fearful Fish

Fiona the Fearful Fish Fiona the Fearful Fish lives near the old covered bridge at Fallasburg Park on the scenic Flat River in beautiful Lowell, Michigan. Normally, the river flows at a very mellow pace and most days Fiona floats in and around the rocks of the Flat River and has a peaceful and [...]

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SSKROCKS! Digger the Doubtful Dog

Digger the Doubtful Dog   Digger the doubtful dog was a charming little mutt. His brown coat was shiny, and he had big, black eyes that always looked a little sad. Digging dirt was Digger’s favorite thing to do. He just loved to dig big holes in his back yard! Digger’s dad, Duncan, always [...]

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SSKROCKS! Facebook Group

Join Here! SSKROCKS! is public Facebook Group sponsored and organized by the Simply Successful Kids Program. Our purpose is to provide a family friendly activity to reduce stress and strengthen family relationships by rock hunting in the great outdoors, spending time together in creative expression, and providing a vehicle to start [...]

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