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Connecting to the Earth is Healing!

My grandson Jade absolutely loves to be barefoot! For him, the ground temperature does not seem to matter much. I like to think Jade is just following his instinct and knows it's good for him. Most kids and (and a lot of adults) love the refreshing feeling of walking on cool grass and [...]

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Get Ready, Get Set, Grow!

January! You have to love it! Not just another month, the start of another year. The calendars way to prompt us for new beginnings, life changes and goal-setting. For many of us, it's a chance to push the re-start button after we’ve evaluated the things we’ve been successful at and the things we’ve [...]

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Exploring Stressful Beliefs Worksheet

Most of the things you believe about your adult life stem from beliefs you picked up from parents, teachers, media, peers etc. as a child. Out-dated beliefs can be a huge source of stress. To find out what beliefs are “stress sources” download our worksheet.

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