What Parents and Teachers Say About Us!

“This class was fantastic for my 11 year old daughter! Prior to this class she was really struggling with her schoolwork. She often stated she wanted to do her work but she just could not get her brain to work and she didn’t know how to get it working again. She was clearly distraught and frustrated with herself even to the point of pulling out her hair.

She learned from this class that stress was root cause of all this. She learned the triggers of stress, how to feel it coming on and how to deal with it. Now she is much happier and school is going much better. She now has the tools she needs to work through her stress and get motivated again. Extra Bonus: She has not pulled out any more hair since she took this class!”

Jennifer VanWhye, Dorr, MI

“My daughter’s progress has been astounding. It makes me so happy to see her control her emotions and create her own joy.”

TappingMartha Behrens, Delton, MI

“I am so glad that I enrolled my 9-year-old in the Simply Successful Kids small group! He looked forward to going every week and doing the journaling on a daily basis. It was exciting to see him develop skills that he could use on his own to deal with stress and frustration. I would recommend Simply Successful Kids to any parent!”

Rivka Kawano, West Olive, MI

“The tools I have been able to give my class have made a positive change in our classroom environment. The students have learned how to recognize their stress and anxiety as well as realize the power of the exercises to help bring their minds and bodies back into focus. They are even using the exercises at home when stressful situations arise!”

Jackie Vallier, West Lake Elementary School, Battle Creek, MI