Stress TechniqueSimply Successful Kids is a six week program for 2nd-6th  graders, available world-wide on-line e-course or small group format in the West Michigan area. Simply Successful Kids, teaches kids how to self-regulate by understanding the stress response and how it affects their brain, body and behavior.

Students learn how to become aware of stress triggers and acquire a toolbox of strategies to help them stop the flow of stress hormones in the body and turn off the stress response. Students master simple techniques to train their brain to feel secure, gain control of their emotions and feel calm, allowing them to navigate life from a more positive space.

The Simply Successful Kids Program is the first program to bridge the gap between energy medicine and science using easy to understand concepts, simple graphics, and a menu of mind-body practices that are easy for kids to do anywhere, anytime. These natural, easy to use methods provide essential skills that will benefit them through every stage of life.