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Thursday Tips and Tricks BOLO!

Just because kids are little doesn't mean their stress is pint-sized, too. Studies show that stress, anxiety and psychosomatic complaints are increasingly common in today's children. In fact, stress accounts for a large percentage of physician visits and school absences.   Our best advice?  BOLO! Being On the Look Out is the best way [...]

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Mindful Breathing

Here is an easy, do anywhere, mindful breathing technique that can help you (or your child) quiet the mind, and cue the brain to move from flight-fight frenzy to cool, calm and composed. Mindful breathing floods the brain with oxygen and sends a message that stops the hormone response that causes the flight-fight crazies. [...]

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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Playbook for Tackling Stress

Every successful sports team has a strategy for the win. In football, the playbook is a collection of approaches designed to move the ball down field. Teams practice plays over and over, until every team member knows their role and responsibility in moving toward their goal. By game day, they're ready mentally and physically [...]

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